CBI summons Harish Rawat in sting CD case

The CBI has summoned former Uttarakhand Chief Minister Harish Rawat for questioning in connection with probe into a controversial sting CD in which he was seen offering favours for procuring vote of rebel Congress MLAs during the trust vote.

Harish Rawat was allegedly seen talking to rebel Congress MLAs for procuring their support in the trust vote scheduled for March 28.

As per reports, CBI has asked Harish Rawat to join the probe and summoned him to appear before the agency on Monday.

Harish Rawat was seen offering favours in the alleged sting CD.

Harish Rawat was seen offering favours in the alleged sting CD.

The rebel MLAs had released the alleged sting CD on March 27, just a day before the High Court ordered trust vote to take place in assembly.

Following the release of sting CD, the centre has recommended imposition of President’s rule citing the breakdown of law and order situation in the state.

The sting CD was circulated by 9 rebel Congress MLAs and was broadcast on a private news channel Samachar Plus.

Rawat, initially insisted that that the sting CD was fake. But last week he virtually admitted his presence in the controversial sting CD after a CFSL report suggested no tempering with the video.

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