BJP chief Amit Shah rules out post poll alliance in Uttar Pradesh

File photo of BJP President Amit Shah.

BJP President Amit Shah Wednesday ruled out any post-poll alliance with other political parties including BSP in the event of a hung assembly in Uttar Pradesh.

Amith Shah also said that the not naming a chief ministerial candidate was part of BJP’s poll strategy.  In a departure from this practice, the party had named Sarbananda Sonowal as its CM face in Assam elections last year.

“Kisi se bhi haath milane ka dur-dur tak koi swaal nahin uthatha (there is not even a remote possibility of joining hands with any party),” he was quoted as saying by Indian news channels.

File photo of BJP President Amit Shah.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP Chief Amit Shah have campaigned extensively in India’s largest state that is home to over 20 crore people and has often played the central role in formation of the government at the centre.

It’s important for PM Modi to win as many seats as possible to cement his position for a second chance as Prime Minister in 2019 Lok Sabha elections.

However, the bitter and long fought campaign between arch rivals Samajwadi Party-Congress and BJP has resulted in acrimonious personal attacks on political leaders.

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