Belgium charges 3 more for Brussels Attacks

Security Personnel march on Belgium streets.


Belgian prosecutors have charged three more men for carrying out attacks on the Brussels airport and a busy metro station earlier this week.

Federal Prosecutor told local media outlets that a person named Faycal Cheffou had been taken into custody. He was arrested Thursday and has been charged with involvement in a terrorist group, terrorist murder and attempted terrorist murder.

Belgian media reports said Cheffou is the man in the light vest and hat pictured on airport security video with two men who blew themselves up at the airport.

Local media described Cheffou as a local activist known to police for trying to radicalise asylum-seekers and homeless people.

A police raid was conducted at his home but no arms or explosives were recovered.

Two other suspects detained on Thursday and identified as Raba N. and Aboubakar A. were charged for being involved in the terrorist activities.

In addition, a man named as Abderamane A. who was taken into custody on Friday after he was shot by police at a Brussels tram stop is being held for one more day.

European countries have so far arrested 9 persons in connection with Brussels attacks.

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