Photos of Pathankot attackers released

NIA has released the photos of 4 terrorists and asked for help of other forensic labs to help it identify 2 remaining suspected attackers.


India’s top anti terror agency NIA has released the photographs of four terrorists killed by Indian security forces in Pathankot Airforce base attack at the start of this year.

National Investigation Agency of India has released these photographs just a few days before the visit by a special investigation team of Pakistan.

The NIA’s photo released the bodies of the four slain terrorists with description of their height. The anti-terror probe agency has said one of the terrorists did not have a toe in both the feet.
The picture has been circulated and public asked to share information about them.

The agency has already approached the Interpol for issaunce of Black Notice for the four. The international notice is issued for identification of unidentified bodies found in a country.

About the remaining two, the NIA was planning to approach another forensic laboratory for conducting a fresh test of the samples recovered from the Airmen billet at the Pathankot air base.
Forensic laboratory in Chandigarh had said they had found human remains in the samples handed over by the NIA.

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