Dhaka attack: Police identify 5 terrorists

US website SITE has released the photos of Bangladesh attackers affiliated to ISIS.

Bangladesh police has identified the five attackers, who belong to well to do families, senior Bangladesh official accused Pakistan’s ISI of being behind the terror attacks.

Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina led the country in paying homage to the victims of the Dhaka attack at the Army Stadium in Banani in Dhaka this morning. The 12-hour-long hostage crisis had ended on Saturday morning after a two-hour long assault by armed forces’ commandos killing six gunmen and capturing one alive.

One of the attackers affiliated to ISIS.

One of the attackers affiliated to ISIS.

Nine Italians, seven Japanese, one Indian, one Bangladeshi American and two Bangladeshis were among the 20 killed in the terror attack at Holey Artisan Bakery in Gulshan area of the Bangladesh capital on Friday night.

Police in Bangladesh have identified the 5 terrorists who killed 20 hostages at a Dhaka café late on Friday evening.
According to security agencies the slain terrorists belonged to affluent families and had passed out of top-notch schools in the city.

The Bangla security agencies have also hinted at a possible Pakistani hand in the attack. Meanwhile high alert has been sounded in five states along Indo-Bangla border.

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