Govt. Notifies New Plastic Waste Management Rules

Indian government has notified new rules for plastic waste management.

Government notifies new Plastic Waste Management Rules. The new norms are aimed at curbing the over 6,000 tonnes of uncollected plastic waste generated daily by industries.

Government has reviewed and revised the rules related to plastic waste management to give thrust on plastic waste minimization, source segregation,recycling, involving waste pickers, recyclers and waste processors in collection of plastic waste.

Rules related to usage and production of plastic have become more stringent now as Government tries to bring in more eco friendly society.

According to revised rules Rural areas have been included and responsibility is given to Gram Panchayat.
Responsibility of waste generators is being introduced.

Persons organising public events like marriages, public gatherings are responsible for the management of waste generated during these events. Minimum thickness of the plastic bags increased from 40-50microns.

Introduction of collect back system of plastic waste by the producers/brand owners as per extended producers responsibility, Plastic bags will be available only with shopkeepers pre-registered with local bodies.

Manufacturing and use of non-recyclable multi-layered plastic to be phased out in two years.

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