Modi promises to bring an end to bloackades if BJP wins Manipur

BJP's election rally in Imphal, Manipur. Photo - official website.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi today promised to end the crippling economic blockade in Manipur if the BJP comes to power in the state. He also blamed 15 year long Congress rule in the state for ruing the state and said what the Congress could not do in 15 years, the BJP will do in 15 months.

PM also launched a scathing attack on Chief Minister O Ibobi Singh, accusing him of “running the most corrupt government” and “taking 10 per cent commission”.

Addressing an election meeting in poll-bound Manipur, the Prime Minister said, “Manipur’s development was stalled under the Congress government”.

“What the Congress government could not do in 15 years our (BJP) government will do it in 15 months,” he said, lashing out at the Congress government for “failing” to provide jobs, infrastructure, and proper drinking water to the people.

PM Modi addressing a poll rally in Imphal, Manipur. Photo – Official website.

Modi also accused the Ibobi government of spreading “false campaign and misleading the people” on the Naga Accord.

“I assure you that there is no single reference to ditching the Manipur people or its interests in the Naga Accord”, he said.

Ridiculing the Congress government, Modi said, “Naga accord was done one-and-half years back. What were you doing ? Were you in a deep sleep? And all of a sudden you have woken up before elections. You are making false claims to mislead the people,” Modi said.

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