EPFO disburses over Rs 47000 crore to members in 2015-16

File Photo: Labour and Employment Minister Bandaru Dattatreya, Labour Secretary Shankar Aggarwal in New Delhi.

Employees Provident Fund Organisation, EPFO disbursed approximately 47,630 crore rupees as member benefits and 8,200 crore rupees as monthly pensions in 2015-16.

EPFO has taken steps towards putting in place a new system to monitor the status of enrollment of contractual employees especially in municipalities.

Principal employers including government bodies who enroll workers directly or through contractors can view details of contractors including the amount paid towards PF dues on real time basis.

With this EPFO will be in a position to compare the PF dues reimbursed to contractors and the PF dues actually remitted by contractors.

In an official release, the EPFO said that a facility already exists in public domain wherein all principal employers can check the amounts remitted by contractors’ establishments.

EPFO is also in the process of digitizing compliance reporting system and it is expected that reporting in Compliance area shall be online and real time by the second quarter of this fiscal.

The process of seeding EPS pensioners’ data with Aadhaar is underway in EPFO. It is also seen that a number of online transfer applications by members are pending with the employers for attestation and verification of member details by the employers Field offices of EPFO have been directed to take up the matter with employers to clear this on priority.

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