Dhaka hostage crisis ends, 13 rescued, 26 killed, including 6 terrorists

File photo: A police operation underway in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

In Bangladesh, a group of Islamic State terrorists stormed a crowded restaurant in Dhaka’s high-security Gulshan diplomatic area and took hostage at least 20 people including foreigners.

Dhaka hostage crisis ended as forces rescued 13 people held by Islamic state terrorists.

The rescued hostages included women, children, senior citizens and foreigners.

Twenty civilians including one Indian girl were killed by terrorist inside a restaurant popular with expatriates Dhaka in the high-security diplomatic zone before commandos stormed the cafe today.

Six terrorists and two senior police officers were killed in the gunbattle that began last night.

All 20 hostages killed were foreigners, with most being Italian or Japanese.

He said the bodies of the victims were recovered during a search in the Holey Artisan Bakery compound after the operation.

The bodies were shifted to the Combined Military Hospital morgue for autopsy to confirm their identity.

Addressing media, Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina said, Six terrorists have been killed while one captured alive.

Five bodies were also recovered from the scene.

The operation began this morning when heavily-armed Bangladeshi commandos stormed the restaurant in Dhaka’s high-security diplomatic area.

The hostage crisis began on Friday night with gun-battle with police that left at least two officers dead and 30 people injured.

At least nine terrorists barged into the Holey Artisan Bakery, frequented by diplomats and expatriates, and opened indiscriminate fire at around 9:20 PM (local time) yesterday.

Both IS and local affiliate of Al Qaeda have claimed responsibility for the crime.

The premier said her government will find out responsible people for the crime.

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