PM Modi asks railways to speed up redevelopment of stations

PM Modi chaired the meeting of NITI Commission to review the implementation of Rail and Road projects.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has stressed upon the need to speed up the redevelopment of Railway Stations.

Reviewing the progress in the key infrastructure sectors of railways and roads, Mr Modi emphasized on the need for the railways to upgrade and diversify the usage of its infrastructure.

He reiterated that railway infrastructure in rural areas could be used for activities such as skill development, which could lead to an increase in non-fare revenue for the railways.

During the review, it was noted that the capital investment in last financial year was over 93 thousand crore rupees, which represents a massive increase of 65 per cent over the previous year.

Similarly, 1780 km of lines have been commissioned and 1730 kilometres electrified during 2015-16, which represent the best performance on these metrics in railway history.

In the roads sector, Prime Minister suggested for study of various models of road development across the country and adopt the best practices to attract more private investment into the highway construction sector.

He also stressed the need to decongest critical stretches and adopt latest technologies for toll collection.

During 2015-16, over 6000 kilometres of highways were completed, while contracts for another over ten thousand kilometres were awarded.

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