Nuclear security must remain abiding national priority: India

Prime Minister Modi lamented the double standards of some countries while dealing with terrorism.

Addressing a gathering of top world leaders in Washington DC on Wednesday, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasised that nuclear security must remain an abiding national priority.

Lamenting on the double standards of some countries with regard to terrorism, he said that it has acquired global dimensions but countries are still trying to deal with this threat at an individual level.

Prime Minister Modi also attended the working dinner hosted by the US President Barak Obama at White House last night.

Prime Minister Modi speaking to US President Barack Obama.

Prime Minister Modi speaking to US President Barack Obama.

In the state dinner, Prime Minister was joined by several other world leaders.

Indian Prime Minister emphasized that all states must completely abide by their international obligations in the realm of nuclear security.

In a series of tweets, Indias ministry of external affairs informed that the Prime Minister made it clear that without prevention and prosecution of acts of terrorism there is no deterrence against nuclear terrorism.

The Prime Minister said that State actors working with nuclear traffickers and terrorists present the greatest risk.

The Prime Minister said that the countries are no longer looking for a man in a cave, but they are hunting for a terrorist in a city with a computer or a smart phone.

As per international media reports, nearly 50 world leaders are taking part in the extensive deliberations at Walter Washington Convention Center on the second day of the 4th Nuclear Summit.

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