Terrorist rams truck into France victory parade, 84 killed

Terrorist killed 84 in unprecedented terror attack by running down by a truck.

At least 84 killed and 18 others critically injured as terror strikes French city of Nice with a truck ramming into a crowd watching Bastille Day fireworks; French President Francois Hollande calls it a terror attack; France declares three days of national mourning; Extends national emergency by 3 months. 

In France, 84 people including children were killed and several others injured when the attacker drove a truck through a crowd watching a fireworks display to mark the Bastille Day holiday in Nice.

The truck used by the terrorist.

The truck used by the terrorist.

The incident sparked panic as people began running from the scene. The driver of the truck was shot and killed by police.

No group has so far claimed responsibility, however prosecutors said the inquiry would be handled by anti-terror investigators. The attack is the third major strike against France in less than 18 months.

World Leaders across the globe have strongly condemned the deadly attack.

US President Barack Obama condemned “in the strongest terms” what he said appeared to be “a horrific terrorist attack in Nice”.

Obama also offered assistance to France to help investigate the attack and “bring those responsible to justice.”

The UN Security Council also strongly condemned the “barbaric and cowardly terrorist attack. The council unanimously adopted a French-drafted statement that “condemned in the strongest terms” the attack and expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

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