Rahul: Modi’s ‘Manmohan comment’ lowered dignity of PM’s office

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi.

A day after Prime Minster Narendra Modi targeted veteran Congress leader and former PM Manmohan Singh in Rajya Sabha, Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi has accused PM Modi of lowering the dignity of the Prime Minister’s office.

On Thursday evening, while replying to the motion of thanks to the President’s address in the Rajya Sabha, PM Modi had said that Manmohan Singh remained clean despite multiple corruption scams during his tenure only because he knew the art of bathing with his raincoat on.

Rahul was referring to PM Modi’s scathing attack on Manmohan Singh.

“So many scams occurred… We politicians have a lot to learn from Dr Sahab. So much happened, there is not a single blot on him. Dr Sahab is the only person who knows the art of bathing in a bathroom with a raincoat on,” PM Modi had said in the Upper House after which the Congress staged a walkout from the House.

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi in a road show.

In his campaign rally in Uttarakhand, which goes to polls on February 15, Rahul also asked Modi to give an account of his performance during the two and a half years of his tenure, accusing him of doing nothing except helping 50 industrialist companies close to him and making the whole country stand in queues with the note ban.

He also accused Modi of making false promises to the masses. He questioned PM Modi’s promise of bringing back thousands of crores of black money stashed away abroad. He also questioned what happened to his promise of and depositing ₹ 15 lakh in every Indian’s bank account.

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