No country should glorify terrorism: Rajnath to Pakistan

Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Islamabad, Pakistan to attend interior ministers meeting of SAARC countries.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh, in his address to the SAARC conference being held in Islamabad, hit out at Pakistan for glorifying terrorist Burhan Wani.

He clearly said that there should be no eulogisation of a terrorist as a martyr.

Rajnath added that mere strong condemnation of terrorism is not enough and that strongest possible action is needed not only against organizations but also against individuals, institutions and nations.

Rajnath told the conference that glorifying terror will not help in finding it’s solutions.

He said that there can be no differentiation between good terror and bad terror Home Minister also raised the issue of Pathankot and Dhaka terror attacks.

Home Minister Rajnath Singh is attending the 7th meeting of SAARC Interior Ministers in Islamabad.

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